An internet-integrator since 1998


Servers Hosting is our core business, we have several hosting-solutions starting from windows to all flavours off Linux.
Our shared hostingservers are famous by their speed and reliability. Designers all start sceptical, but in the end they all end up enthusiastic. We mainly run mod_php with opcache and apache as webserver.
No overhead solutions like Cpanel, and email/firewalls run on different servers. This all makes a Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress-site fly!
We monitor everything on the shared hosting-servers and tune in where needed. By everything we mean: databases, ftp-connections, outgoing-email, load, IO, memory, etc.
If you want you can also use shared-hosting with Cpanel, rent a virtual server, or even host your own dedicated server with us.

Hosting-solutions Max.-Price Period Max.-Setup
WebHosting Linux + email € 100,00 1 year € 25,00
WebHosting Windows + email € 125,00 1 year € 25,00
Forwarding to external URL € 20,00 1 year € 0,00
Aliasing to domain at us € 0,00 1 year € 0,00
Email-only € 10,00 1 year € 0,00
All prices are maximum prices excluding VAT, for prices including VAT and possible reductions: ask quotation.